About Us

Trane® Air Filters

Regular air filter replacement is essential for homeowners to maintain their indoor air quality and protect their HVAC equipment—yet this critical task is often forgotten. It’s no wonder “dirty filter” is reported as one of the top reasons for an HVAC service call. Trane Filters powered by FilterTime™ makes life easier and eliminates the hassle by delivering high-performance filters straight to your doorstep. Learn more about how to improve your home’s indoor air quality by visiting: Trane® Heating and Cooling Systems - AC Units, Furnaces & More

Who is FilterTime?
FilterTime is an e-commerce platform created to simplify the process of changing home air filters and help ensure indoor air quality. Headquartered in Mt. Holly, NC, the company was founded as a residential air filter delivery service by former NASCAR driver Blake Koch. Through a partnership with Trane, FilterTime will act as the filter fulfillment and delivery arm for Trane Filters. More information can be found by visiting FilterTime.com.